Welcome to the Clermont County Bar Association!

I am honored to serve as your President in 2015. As many attorneys know and can appreciate, Clermont County is a unique place to practice law in a culture of collegiality, competence and mutual trust. Our Bar Association promotes a spirit of common purpose and camaraderie among members of the legal profession, and is indispensable to the bench and bar. The resources of the Bar Association are designed to assist and aid attorneys in their practice, with special appreciation and gratitude to Carol, Kim and Debbie at the Law Library.

The Bar Association hosts three free CLE seminars (with free lunch following) to its Members during the year, and hosts a Domestic Relations Seminar (essential for local D.R. practitioners) in October. Our Bar Association also operates the Lawyers’ Referral Service, supports the high school Mock Trials program, and provides network opportunities and social events. Our members and guests enjoy fun and fellowship at such Bar hosted events as the annual Stumps dinner, the golf league, the April outing to Keeneland, and aboard a riverboat dinner cruise in June. Further, the Bar Association members serve on various committees as well, including the Grievance Committee and the Scholarship Committee.

Please consider joining our Bar Association if you practice in Clermont County. It is a membership that will pay for itself threefold, albeit financially, personally, and professionally.

Have a question? Please contact Carol Suhre, our Executive Director, or myself, or simply ask any of our 230 members. There are many bar associations, but this one is yours!

William J. Rapp
Bar President